A Modern Safari Birthday

Initially inspired by a very simple Martha Stewart elephant punch-out, born was a contemporary and tasteful safari birthday. The event was a testament to personalization and detail as Evan's mom oversaw the crafting of all the special embellishments... from the party hats to the hand-made favor bags... I almost feel compelled to list her as a vendor for her own party!
Event location was a photography studio that accounted for some great natural lighting... Hand-made floor cushions for a guest "seating" area...

The ever so popular station of sweets... actually needed to assign someone to guard until ready for service!

All the personal elephant accents, courtesy of mom.

We had some celebrities in attendance! The Kogi Truck and Fry Girl both made appearances to appease their hungry fans!

(Photos Courtesy of Youkeun Oh Photography)

Photos: Youkeun Oh Photography
Decor: Fusion Linens
Balloons: Kiki Event
Rentals: Classic Party Rentals
Catering: Kogi BBQ and Fry Girl Inc.
Venue: Warner Studios


Profile: Nick Yutaka ~ Photographer

Nick Yutaka Schultz is an up and coming photographer to definitely keep your eye on. I have been exposed to my share of photographers, many recognized nationally and internationally... while Nick may not have the same exposure and experience as some seasoned photographers (yet!), he has a natural ability in capturing memorable moments and visuals with his camera. Don't be surprised to find yourself seeing past the still images and developing your own behind the scene story!
Nick took Desmond and family on an outdoor photo shoot. Here are some highlights. Take advantage of Nick's promotional packages while still available!


Feature: Desmond's Birthday

My friend Lisa did a great job creating a great carnival atmosphere for her son's first birthday celebration. With tons of sweets & snacks, games, and balloons, all the kid guests were having the time of their lives ... and parents were thrilled to be able to just sit back, watch and enjoy! Lisa made the name signage using pieces of crayon ~ very clever! The dol go im towers were also personally made by a friend of hers using jelly bellies... too bad they were all glued on! One thing I recommend to clients having an event with babies in attendance is to be sure the venue can accommodate stroller traffic... there is nothing more annoying for a parent trying to navigate your stroller through tight spaces. So I was thrilled to see Lisa's venue was large and spacious and we had no problem maneuvering our double stroller in the midst of 100+ guests. The most random things will keep your guests happy! Desmond, eemoh wishes you a happy first birthday!

(Photos courtesy of Nick Yutaka Photography )