Feature: Desmond's Birthday

My friend Lisa did a great job creating a great carnival atmosphere for her son's first birthday celebration. With tons of sweets & snacks, games, and balloons, all the kid guests were having the time of their lives ... and parents were thrilled to be able to just sit back, watch and enjoy! Lisa made the name signage using pieces of crayon ~ very clever! The dol go im towers were also personally made by a friend of hers using jelly bellies... too bad they were all glued on! One thing I recommend to clients having an event with babies in attendance is to be sure the venue can accommodate stroller traffic... there is nothing more annoying for a parent trying to navigate your stroller through tight spaces. So I was thrilled to see Lisa's venue was large and spacious and we had no problem maneuvering our double stroller in the midst of 100+ guests. The most random things will keep your guests happy! Desmond, eemoh wishes you a happy first birthday!

(Photos courtesy of Nick Yutaka Photography )

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  1. Des' 1st b-day turned out well thanks to the best coordinator in the world. *wink wink* Again, thanks, Sophia!