Happy Birthday Sera!

Seraphine Elle Park was an EXTRA special "client" as our birthday guest of honor also happens to be my little girl! We wanted to highlight many cultural Korean elements along with Korean childhood favorites, but with a not TOO traditional approach. It almost required you to have been raised in a Korean household to appreciate some of the details, but overall I particularly had a great time with our guests and had so much fun celebrating our daughter's number one birthday! Happy Birthday our dear Sera!

Our sweets display was a colorful presentation of traditional Korean rice cakes playfully displayed in candy jars and cake platters along with a variety of Korean sweets that made the adults nostalgic, while kids were just happy to see so much candy! Korean style tacos and kimchee quesadillas were freshly prepared on the grill by a good friend... despite it being the best of its kind, sadly it was a one time treat as he returned to the restaurant afterwards to resume his executive chef role. A variety of Korean style sushi or kimbap along with Korean Chil Sung cider, Sac Sac and Bon Bon beverages, and OB and Hite beers were also refreshing complements. Nisie of Enchanted Florist created tall rustic arrangements of pink cherry blossoms, with hanging globes of flower blooms and pink silk wrapped boxes filled with shades of blush and deep pinks, eggplant and celadon green. Wildflower Linens provided beautiful vintage lace overlays over blush matte satin linens along with custom taffeta garden rose linens for our main table and unique chair treatment. Korean first birthdays highlight a main table called the dol sahng, literally meaning first birthday table. Ours fused traditional elements like Korean gift packages and decorative towers along with a more contemporary floral name display created by Nisie. Flanked by impressive floral arrangements on stands, the backdrop was a custom board with a Korean symbol designed in crystal rhinestones. Our Sera picked the golf club for the doljabi, predicting her future as a professional golfer! Korean Classical Music and Dance Company entertained our guests with the Korean fan dance, samulnori, sangmo dance and drum dance. We also had an ice chest filled with old-school Korean popsicles and ice creams. Fresh Korean rice crackers were being popped and packaged by the bbung ajhussi, which kids snacked on while watching the performances and guests took home as healthy favors! Our cake inspiration came from Sera's hanbok or traditional Korean dress. The stripes on the top tier are typical to the design usually found on the bolero-like jacket worn on top, known as saekdong juhgori in Korean, which I wanted to incorporate to symbolize something more traditional. And of course we had to add a little sash ribbon at the base like the jacket sash. The bottom two tiers emphasized the dress colors and artwork of her hanbok. Since we couldn't have our cake wear little shoes, our cake topper was the traditional shoes that accompany the hanbok attire. I sketched out the overall concept of the cake and presented it to Grace at Sweet Gems who brought what I had envisioned to life and beyond!

Photography (Main): MNM Photography
Photography: Nick Yutaka Photographer
Floral: Enchanted Florist
Linens: Wildflower Linens
Rentals: ChiavariChairRentals.com
Cake: Sweet Gems
Entertainment: KCMDCO


Happy New Year!... minus 25 days

I am amazed that 2011 is already upon us and we've already completed 25 days of this new year! Truly time seems to travel by much faster these days!
Blogging updates have been non-existent since June of last year, which I apologize for. As each new year begins with a few resolutions, I hope to resolve one of them as soon as possible and share with you many of the wonderful celebrations Petite Productions had the pleasure of participating in, in 2010.
Please be sure to check back in the next few days as our first of long awaited posts is a little extra dear to my heart... my daughter Sera's birthday!
Here is a little teaser!