Curry House is a Japanese-Style Curry and Spaghetti Restaurant in the LA, OC and Nor Cal areas. 
While originating in India, curry dishes are a staple in many Asian homes.  Quality spices and a variety of vegetables are cooked down till all the components are disintegrated, leaving a sauce rich in nutrients and consisting of several distinct flavor profiles.  

While curry is their obvious highlighted menu item, Curry House also offers many other fusion style food options including katsu, omelettes, spaghetti, and gratins.  Along with a list of a la carte toppings to further enhance your curry dining experience!  

I am pretty loyal to their traditional curry.  My fav is the Beef Curry, which uses very tender short rib meat.  A VERY close second is their Chicken Breast Katsu Curry.  Perfect crunch and texture!  You can select your preferred level of HOT for your curry and all entrees are served with rice and salad.  Their lightly sweetened Iced Green Tea and Tofu Cheesecake for dessert are the ideal meal complements for our family.


The kids meals is what we REALLY love though.  It's all in the presentation and even as an adult, I am impressed!  Kids plates come with soup, corn, fruit, fries, shrimp, and entree of choice.  And they also include a little toy for added fun.  It looks kid-friendly, but food doesn't seem as haphazard, which I sometimes feel guilty about as a parent with other kids meal options.    


So why the sudden blog luv for Curry House?  
Because of CURRY POWER DAYS!  
April 9th and 10th, enjoy 30% off all curry items for both lunch and dinner.  Check out their website for the location in your area and enjoy a family night out at Curry House next week!  You and your KIDS will be sure to love it!  Happy Dining!!!      

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