Chic-fil-A is nothing new considering I remember my middle school lunch carts selling their chicken sandwiches and they had a location in the local mall's food court where I grew up.  I was NOT a big fan of the sandwiches back then, so certainly NEVER expected that they would still be in my life twenty-something years later!  But now Chic-fil-A is bigger and better and popularity for the franchise is exponentially increasing!... Along with my new-found approval of them too! 
They have definitely come a long way from the lonely fried chicken breast between two pieces of bread with a drabby piece of pickle of yesteryears.  My breakfast favorite is their "Chick-n-Minis".  LUV the combination of biscuit, with a touch of honey, and the saltiness from the chicken, but all compressed into a mini size!  Also a big fan of their breakfast burritos and the salsa packets that go with it.  
Chick-fil-A Chick-n-Minis<span class='trade'>™</span>    
For their non-breakfast items, they have some great healthy alternatives, but I'm a sucker for their Spicy Deluxe Chicken Sandwich.  =)
Spicy Chicken Sandwich Deluxe  
And gotta love all their sauces!!!  I personally LUV the packets of Honey Roasted BBQ and I'm assuming a lot of other people must agree, as they don't stock these with rest of their sauces at the grab & go counter!  I do want to tell their product development team that they need to hurry up and come out with Spicy Chic-fil-A Nuggets!
So other than me listing off all my fav menu items, what makes them stand out above and beyond all their competitors ~ and are they equally impressing the kid-critics?!!

Well, for starters, I was floored during my first drive-thru experience when my order taker used phrases like "is there anything else I can be of assistance" and "it is my pleasure".  My work background is in hospitality for a high-end luxury brand, and those were words we were trained to say to our clientele... but I never would have thought I would be hearing those words coming out of a speaker system at a fast-food drive-thru!!!
Our neighborhood Chic-fil-A also hosts a weekly family fun night consisting of crafts, balloons, and character visits for the kids, along with their usual "kids eat free" dining promotion.  They also have someone who seems to be a floater, or what I call a "Chic-fil-A Ambassador" who roams around the restaurant checking in on you, seeing if you need drink re-fills, or if your kids want balloons.  He / She is usually the contact if you want to have them coordinate a party for you and they have several well-packaged options for you to consider.  Your kids might also appreciate a kiddy table mat for their meal.  If you don't see them in front, all you need to do is ask.  Another little secret is if your kids would prefer ice cream over the kids meal toy, all you need to do is trade in the toy and they'll give you a kiddy-sized ice cream cone or cup.  THAT IS BRILLIANT!!!  And as they do for adults, they also have healthy, but tasty alternatives for the kids.  It is fast-food for the family without the guilt!  Certain days when I am trying to multi-task between getting work done, feeding the kids lunch, etc... Chic-fil-A becomes a great option for me with free Wi-Fi available and feeling super comfortable with the play environment they provide for kids.
Kid's Meal  
In addition they are constantly having different promotions, including the "First 100" event, which awards the first 100 adults in line at each grand opening with a year's supply of chicken meals!

Their food is always fresh, facilities are super clean, staff is refreshingly friendly and professional... and it is MY PLEASURE to support Chic-fil-A's food, the establishment, and their causes!

** All pictures / images courtesy of Chic-fil-A's website **

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