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  1. Hello! I got to find your blog because of another blog where one of your baby shower parties was mentioned, that party with the bears and wood cubes, whose mom asked the guests to give books as gifts. So lovely the whole decor! Just appealed to me a lot because I like blue and bears and letters in decor. Moreover I agree so much with the idea of suggesting books as gifts. Here in Brazil (and I guess in the USA too) it is a cultural tradition to make a list of baby items or diapers for the guests to offer at the baby shower, but my husband and I particularly do not like this practice. To put it in plain words, looks like imposing an obligation to the guests. So at our baby shower (3 years ago) we made no list at all and actually we did not encourage anyone to bring gifts, authough I find it lovely when someone chooses an special item for the baby. We just wanted to have a special dinner with our guests before the baby was born and to show them the brand new baby's bedroom, how we have prepared the nest for him. But now, getting to know this clever idea of suggesting books I will write a special post at my blog discussing on that. It seems to me so wonderful to be able to contribute to a child's learning and play future! Well, to cut it short, I liked very much your presentation at the site, I do agree that a party is perfect if it provides an emotional connection for all in attendance and I do believe and work so that my parties involve anyone in the atmosphere of celebrating with beauty, going deep into a theme, a context. Your gallery is very inspirational. One last thing, a coincidence: my blog and future company also have Petit in the name. Beatriz

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  3. In time. What are your politics towards publishing of your pictures in other sites? If possible I would like to publish some of the bear baby shower at my blog. Beatriz