Sera's 100 Day Celebration

The Park family celebrated daughter Sera's 100 days with an intimate family dinner in Irvine.
Long ago Korean past, many babies did not make it past a 100 days due to poor healthcare and living conditions. So for those that reached 100 days, it was a reason to celebrate! Today, the milestone continues to be significant, gathering family and friends together to officially welcome the new joy in their lives!
Sera's 100 day celebration decor was inspired by her adorable tourmaline plaid bubble dress. While a simple family gathering, the dining table and cake table with traditional rice cakes were dressed in rich colors of sage, moss, creme, and dusty pinks. The dinner was elegant without being overwhelmingly "adult", highlighting the little guest of honor!

** Many thanks to our great vendors **
Linens: Wildflower Linens
Florals: Enchanted Florist
Photos: Tien Wang Photography
Cake: Kayla's Kakes

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  1. Each day a child grows is a reason to celebrate! I am very fond of rose and green together and I'm preparing a dolls tea-nic party with this pallete. Beatriz